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5 Best Mental Health Podcasts

Podcasts have been a saving grace in my life the last couple of years.   Long car rides, short car rides, walks around the neighborhood, while I’m folding laundry–I listen all of the time.  As much as I love reading a good book, my attention span and time feel limited in this season of life.

Whether or not that is also true for you, podcasts are great. They can be engaging, tell people’s stories in a unique way, help you feel less alone in this crazy time, and teach us things.

Listening to podcasts specifically about mental health/wellness has been such a comfort to me and has helped grow my understanding of mental illness.  It is fascinating how many people struggle with mental health and at the same time, each story is unique to the person.

Let’s get started!  Here is my list of the 5 best podcasts about mental health


  1.  Fireflies Unite with Kea

In this mental health podcast Kea (the host) dives deep with her guests and is super personable.  Her line of questioning always feels organic and it’s clear her guests feel comfortable, because they open up easily and naturally. 

Kea is an advocate for mental health in the black community.  She speaks boldly about her own struggles with Bipolar Disorder and interviews others who do the same. Simply, it is: beautiful, refreshing, and thought-provoking.

Give Kea a follow on instagram and learn more about her mission and then check out her podcast.  It is incredible.

2 of my favorite episodes:

Episode 63:  Representation matters for black boys’ mental health featuring Dr. Madhere, Dr. Johnson, & Dr. Semien.

Episode 39:  I’m not lazy.  I’m in a depression (it’s a disability)


2.  Faith and Mental Wellness with Brittney Moses

Brittney describes her podcast as “…the podcast integrating faith, culture & mental health from both mental health professionals and those with lived experience.”

She believes that God created us–mind, body, and soul.  She walks us through how each part needs [individual] tending.  Her passion for her faith and for mental wellness is apparent in every episode. 

Her podcast is informative and friendly. 

Follow Brittney Moses on Instagram!

Two of my favorite episodes are:

Episode 32:  The Theology of Racial Justice and Reconciliation in the Church

Episode 26: Staying Mentally Grounded during Covid19

Episode 20:  Overcoming Parental Anxiety and Mom guilt with Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart


3.  The Place We Find Ourselves

This is the heaviest podcast on this list.  Adam (the host) dives into our stories of trauma, attachment, and interpersonal Neurobiology,  which is a fancy way of saying the relationship between the body, mind, and relationships.

Adam beautifully unpacks how we hold trauma and pain in our heart and mind and how that affects our journey.  He lays out a way(s) to move through pain, to reach healing and transformation.

Guests share their stories of trauma and/or mental health.  Adam also incorporates various neuroscientists, who explain the mechanics behind our experience.  All of this is mixed in with wisdom from faith leaders.  

This podcast is heavy at times, but worth every second.   I have learned so so much. 

My Favorite Episodes:

Episode 1:  Why engaging your story is the best thing you can do for your brain

Episode 18:  Why Your Story Makes it Hard To Hope

Episode 46: Warfare Part 5:  Addressing Accusations


4.  The Hilarious World of Depression

This podcast is not from a Christian worldview.  The Hilarious World of Depression is a “series of frank, moving, and, yes, funny conversations with top comedians who have dealt with this disease, hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe.”

Funny and Raw.  It drives home the truth that even the most successful people can suffer with mental illness.  Especially comedians.  I find that somehow comforting.

I most enjoyed:

Rhett Miller Really Hates That Brass Cat

Steven Page Camouflages Songs About Depression


5.  Fresh Hope for Mental Health

Pastor Brad Hoefs (the host) ‘s voice can feel a bit sleepy at times, but don’t give up too quickly! He [mostly] interviews guests who: share their story of illness, how they’ve recovered, and how they are maintaining their mental health.  

In this podcast, I have found strength in hearing people within the Church openly advocate for the use of medication when treating mental illness.  This podcast is pro-medicine, among other treatments.  While medicine isn’t for everyone, it is often necessary and I would love for the Church to begin talking openly about that.   This podcast does a great job of starting that conversation.

2 of my favorite episodes:

Finding Hope in the Midst of Depression:  Cindy’s Journey

A Mommy and Wife with Bipolar Finds Sustained Recovery

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  1. Elyse July 20, 2020

    I love the information you provided about each podcast, I will have to check these out. Thank you for sharing.


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