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Examine Your White Privilege: Journal Prompt

I wrote this journal prompt mostly for myself.  I wanted to sort through the privilege that I have lived with for 34 years, and begin to dissect the biases in my own heart.

It is difficult to begin this work, because it can feel uncomfortable.  But it is important work.  God cares about our hearts, more than anything.  So I want to do the heart work, even if it feels icky.

Remember, this is for your own personal use and growth.  You do not have to show this to anyone.  In fact, you should answer these questions as if no one will ever read it, because that is where the magic of change should begin–internally.

If it feels heavy and gross, you are probably moving in the right direction.  It is time for us to get uncomfortable, in the name of moving toward solidarity with the Black community.

Happy Journaling!

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