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Talking To Your Family & Friends About Your Depression

It can be nerve-wracking telling people about your mental illness. Not only is there shame and guilt to fight through, there is also cultural stigma.  But when it comes to your close friends and family, I think it’s important to do so.

In my experience, opening up to loved ones when I am struggling, has been a light in my mental wellness journey.  I have found support that has truly carried me through the tough seasons.

And talking openly with my children (age-appropriately, of course), has taken the pressure off feeling the need to hide when I go through seasons of depression.  

You don’t have to say things perfectly.  But the more you talk about it—just like anything else—the easier it will become.

I wrote a little guidance to get you started…

Here are 2 Conversation Cheat-Sheets: one to talk to family/friends, and one to talk to small children.

I hope you find it helpful!

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